Royal Order of Three Lilies is most Noble and Sacred order of Royal House of Borbone di Sicilia e Russia. It embodies Spirit of Saint Francis and Royal Order of San Francesco. It is the Foundation for all activities conducted by New Royal Diplomacy.


Royal Order of Three Lilies has been created to bring Peace in World. Spirit of Royal Order of Three Lilies is expressed symbolically by Purity of Lily, and by these core values;



1. Oneness

To live by oneness, by Spirit of Oneness, means that we are all One in Humanity. We cannot separate ourselves from rest of us.


2. Love

We are all part of Invisible World of Sacred Love which guides us and eventually brings all people together. Where there is Love there is no separation. This Love helps us to Forgive, and it inspires us to do our best.


3. Truth

Living in oneness and guided by Love and Forgiveness, we begin to live naturally by Spirit of Truth. This means living honestly from our Hearts, our Sacred Hearts. It means integrity and being true to ourselves. It means respecting other people and their views, ideas, and their integrity.



Spirit of Sacred Heart in Royal Order of Three Lilies, we believe that Peace will come when we change voluntarily ourselves, and do our best to live in Peace that inspires other people to do their best to live in Peace, Balance, Harmony, and Love with themselves and others. 


When we Speak, Think, Feel, and Act in most Pure and Authentic way, we  become better and more Peaceful Human Beings. When more and more people change to living in Sacred Heart, this will gradually bring Peace in World. Living and Working in Spirit of Sacred Heart of Royal Order of Three Lilies is Lifelong Dedication to Peace.